One of the most powerful blog entries I've ever read

.... from georgia10.

I can't write as well as that and maybe it's a bit long, but for a 23 year old to be feeling this is just intense.

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Anonymous said...

This could be thought as being a powerful post, but the person really needs to go back and look at our American history back to the revolutionary war then forward again. They need to consider what it takes to make a person free and what that means. In our country you are free to protest, but if your rights must also be tempered by the rights of others. Sure you can protest the war, but I can come into your home or place of work and protest can I? I realize this person is getting alot of support with 400+ comments but people need to realize that what is happening in our world didn't just start with this president, it actually started with the last!!!

So much for the rights of the people when the rights of a person allows supercede your right to live!