Is this a gerrymander?

CW is that GA-08 is the GOP best chance of a House pickup. GA-08 was redistricted in mid-decade (it's usual to only redistrict following the decennial census, but Republican controlled states redistricted an extra time in both Georgia and Texas). The shape of the district sure looks funny to me.

A Dem. poll last week showed even this possibility fading. But the Repubs. may not be too worried. The Dem. candidate, Jim Marshall, is extremely conservative, opposes stem-cell research, abortion, gay marriage and gun control, all top level social issues. He better not show up 'round here!

This redistricting by the way means that I wouldn't be in Cynthia McKinney's district, GA-04 (even if she hadn't lost the primary). I would be put into the downtown Atlanta district, GA-05, by just a few streets. A district so Democratic that the Democratic candidate is running unopposed... this is not Georgia here!


Anonymous said...

The map displayed is actually for the 109th Congress. This year's election is held under the new lines for the 110th, which are more regular in shape.

This map shows the new boundaries, with projected winners according to Congressional Quarterly.


ubikcan said...


The FairPlan site is excellent!

I have in fact been quite confused on whether the new districts take effect before or after the elections.

The people at the Carl Vinson Institute of Government had the new districts but I wasn't clear when they went into effect.