Why Democrats are Wrong

Interesting post by georgia10:

But on those issues which cut to the core of our democracy--on illegal wiretapping, signing statements, torture, etc.--Democrats in general have let us down. Whether it's being AWOL and letting faux "infighting" between Republicans define the debate, or whether it's failing to explain an issue properly to the American public so that we can get those poll numbers on our side, it's a sad fact that we have all but abandoned several issues of huge constitutional and social significance.
I agree. Where are Democrats on warrantless wiretaps? Surveillance of Americans? Why did so few align themselves with Russ Feingold earlier this year when he proposed censuring Bush for lying to Congress? Where were they this week when the administration succeeded in getting the right to torture? Why haven't they tried to widen the debate, and resisted the framing of Iraq as being part of the war on terror? (I don't mean Clinton, he's not in office.)

Being in the minority, what they used to call the "loyal opposition" means bringing an alternative view that you can lay out. It means, well, opposing the administration. It doesn't mean being weak and scared, it means speaking out and resisting.

What's so difficult about saying "I oppose torture"?

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