Social design: mapping the war on terror

Via atlas(t), a link to a site calling itself "social design." What is social design? It has relevance to cartography. Social design projects:

  • are affordable and sustainable
  • are made of renewable materials
  • use energy from renewable sources and increase energy efficiency
  • reduce consumption and waste, are reuseable or recyclable
  • are produced and developed locally
  • are universally accessible to people of all ages, abilities, and physical conditions
  • facillitate mobility, communication, and participation in civic life
  • decentralize political power and facillitate transparency and accountability.
As far as I can make out then it is design that affects or changes the world -- a political intervention. In some recent postings the site has had entries on "mapping the war on terror" such as this samizdat poster, originally from 2003. The icons are made form cut out pieces of paper pasted on to a found map of Manhatten.

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