Culture of corruption dept.

Who said this about which Senator:

"[T]he congressman is more confident than ever that he will be vindicated in this matter. . . . the congressman will not under any circumstances plead guilty to a crime he did not commit"...

"Congressman X has said from day one that he has done absolutely nothing illegal, improper or unethical." (May 8, 2006).

Your answer: It was said by Brian Walsh, a spokesman for Congressman Bob Ney (R-Ohio). Ney pleaded guilty today to corruption arising from the Jack Abramoff Republican lobbyist scandal and faces up to ten years in prison (update: although prosecutors are asking for 27 months).

Ney, a six-term Congressman represented OH-18, but resigned in August. The district has gone from safe Republican to toss-up. The replacement Republican candidate by the way, state Senator Joy Padgett, was "handpicked" by Ney, and won her runoff election yesterday.

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