Setting up a home wifi network

Over the Christmas break I came across a great offer to buy a CompUSA wireless router for 3 bucks (after rebate, naturally).

It was relatively easy to set up. But I did have to learn some things about networking and wireless that I didn't know.

Here at Ubik HQ we already have DSL service from Bellsouth as well as a wireless enabled laptop (Dell Latitude D600). After plugging in the router (54Mbps, handles 801.11g, a better standard apparently than the 801.11b) we tried to follow the manual, but it appeared to have been translated by a non-English speaker, and was pretty rudimentary anyway. So we ploughed ahead with the settings anyway :)

You need to decide on a network name (aka SSID). Ours is 'ubiknet' of course.
You also should protect your access, and it was with this that we had the most trouble. We chose WEP, which is apparently better than nothing but not great. You also have to choose a key or password. We had two choices: 64-bit or 128-bit. Funnily enough these require passwords that are exactly 5 or 13 letters long!

Next step is to do better than WEP, but am not sure how to do that. Manual no help! I'm not so concerned about neighbors leeching my internet as encrypting my signals. What, me worry? :)


Dave Smith said...

I might suggest, once you have everything set up and working, turn SSID broadcast off. That will be another layer to keep the casual observer from even seeing your network, and will be another layer to prevent hacking.

Enjoy your new WiFi!

ubikcan said...


Thanks, you're right.

I meant to include a link to a page I found useful that also includes this tip as well as others here.