Google is the new Ubik

Following form my previous post, one of the most amusing aspects of the novel Ubik is that Dick uses it as an ever-present but ever-changing product (like "ACME" in the old roadrunner cartoons). Ubik toothpaste, household cleaner, underwear etc.

Well, isn't Google the new Ubik? Let's review: Google email, Google maps, Google Earth. Google print library, and Google shopping (Froogle). Google is hiring! They have GIS jobs, and at quite senior levels too.

Finally, guess who owns blogger.com, this blogging company.


Fredrick Schwartz said...

Totally, but in a user friendly way.

And yes they do dream of electric sheep. or is that eclectic? hmmm

May you suffer not.

Fredrick Schwartz
Managing Editor, Research
The Dis Brimstone-Daily Pitchfork
"Wrap your fish in Dis!"

Kelly Piatt said...

Nice job, I wish I had said that first. Last week while talking with a friend, I said, Google is the new Ubik.

I decided to Google that, and you beat me to it by almost two years - when Google was much less of a Ubik than it is now.