Findability is the biggest story on the Web today, and its reach will only grow as the tidal waves of channel convergence and ubiquitous computing wash over our shores. We will use the Web to navigate a physical world that sparkles with embedded sensors and geospatial metadata, even as we diminish the need to move our bodies through space. Mobile devices will unite our data streams in an evolving dance of informed consumers seeking collective intelligence and inspiration. And in this ambient economy, findability will be a key source of competitive advantage.
Ambient Findability, p. 13

I can't decide if this is a great new development or a horror story.


Anonymous said...

Is there a full review of this book somewhere? Sounds interesting.

To me, it's not an horror story, it's the inevitable future. Good or bad? It's up to us!

ubikcan said...


It just came out, but there are 11 user reviews already on amazon. They're pretty favorable.

You say "it's up to us". Yes I agree, that's the part that scares me!