AGS President: We Face Geoslavery

American Geographical Society President Jerry Dobson has warned that we face a future of "geoslavery."

Dobson cited a number of examples such as a school in Sutter California that ordered its children to wear RFID tags around their necks until parents objected and the principal backed down, as well as a similar scheme in Osaka, Japan, or a new law in Finland which permits cellphone tracking of children, and even a case in Kenosha, Wisconsin where a woman discovered her estranged husband had secretly hidden a GPS tracker in her car.

Dobson warns that human tracking will "offer a new form of human slavery based on location control." He acknowledges that human tracking has positive aspects, and wants to see a national debate.

Interestingly, he says that this issue goes far beyond the privacy issues of the sort I posted about below. Who has control? Which technologies are acceptable? Will tracking become a ubiquitous (ha!) tool of control throughout society?

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