Cartography and GIS blogs

This is an ongoing list of cartography and GIS blogs (excluding geography ones unless they seem to have a lot on maps). Also they must be blogs, updated frequently (daily, several times a day).

Updated: Many more blogs are listed on Jonathan Crowe's (Maproom) page, but I don't include them here because my focus is tighter.

Canadian Cartographic Association

Chanda Thota's weblog
Blog on MS MapPoint

Blog for geotagging pictures in flickr

Google Earth/Maps related
Google Earth hacks
Google globetrotting
Google Earth blog
Google maps mania
Google sightseeing
Brian Flood (a2e)

The Map Room Jonathan Crowe
A weblog about maps

A GIS/RS slash site (user driven stories and comments)

Spatially Adjusted
James Fee
Blogging about ESRI, GIS, Programming and Open Source

Urban Cartography
Where we're going, we won't need maps

Vector One
Wide ranging GIS + cartography blog

Very Spatial
Podcast related on geography

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